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Texas bluebonnets are adapted to the rocky soils and to frequent droughts. In fact, they thrive in heavily disturbed soils.

The Texas Bluebonnet has an excellent mechanism for survival during unfavorable years, it can frustrate the gardener who wants a spring display of colorful blooms immediately. But the Texas Bluebonnet is a loyal flower that once it springs up & blooms it will always bloom.


Like the bluebonnet, this development was started by a husband and wife developer who took a property and cultivated it into a peaceful community where families can grow or retire.

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1. How far are you from Weatherford downtown?

BBR community is 6 miles southwest of downtown Weatherford and 4.8 miles from shopping stores

2. Will there be separate mailboxes?
No, there will be one community mail center by front entrance.

3. Will there be a gated community?

No. Parker County will maintain the roads in Bluebonnet Ridge to keep homeowners cost low if not obsolete.

4. Will there be electric?

Yes, the developer took the liberty of paying and putting all of the electricity underground for the entire development. 

5. What is the minimum square footage to build?

2,500 sq ft minimum

6. Tell me about the Utilities?

Electric: Underground utilizes are provided to each lot from developer and service in the community is be provided by Tri-County Electric

Water: Water to be provided by homeowner individual well on your lot.  We can suggest reputable contractors experienced in this work.  Please contact Brooke for more detail.

Sanitation: Homes in the Bluebonnet Ridge development are served by homeowner constructed septic systems.

Trash is collected on Monday if you use Republic Services and on Thursday if you use Parker County.

Gas: BBR is a fully electric master planned community; however, homeowners who wish to utilize natural gas may do so by adding propane in accordance with HOA requirements.

7. Is there high-speed fiber internet available in BBR?

Yes, there is a Nextlink tower on Bluebonnet Ridge property for the development that delivers 1G speed solo to the development and the fiber has already been laid by the developer. There are also other internet provider options below:



Sky Beam


Rise Broadband

Starlink by SpaceX

8. Will there be more than phase 1 and 2?

Yes! Bluebonnet Ridge has generated such an incredible amount of positive feedback and therefore- Phase 3 is NOW AVAILABLE!

9. Is there an HOA?

Yes, the BBR community is governed by an HOA organized in accordance with State of Texas guidelines. You can contact them via email at or 940-497-7328 ext #101

10. Where will my children go to school? How far away?


Private: Couts Christian Academy

Public: The Schoolhouse 


Private: Montessori Kids Universe Weatherford

Public: Stephen F. Austin Elementary

Middle School:

Private: Trinity Christian Academy

Public: Joe M. Tison Middle School

Upper School:

Private: Weatherford Christian School

Public: Weatherford High Schoo

11. Where is the closest hospital?

Medical City Weatherford 

Texas Health Neighborhood Care & Wellness Willow Park

12. Where does EMT (land and helicopter) and Fire Protection come from?

We are served by the amazing men and women of the following fire station. Weatherford Fire Department 

We are also served by the fantastic individuals associated with the following EMS locations.. Lifecare EMS

13. Is there a timeline to build?

No, buy your land now and no timeline to start building. Once you start building it needs to be complete within a year.

14. Can you have chickens?

Yes, you can. But, no Roosters. ​Yes to horses and cows! 1 per acre

15. Are the home owners responsible for watering the front entrance?

The HOA board maintains the front entrance.  The front entrance is xeriscape. No water well or sprinklers but the new grass coming in gets water every day. All plants are one year warranty so if it’s dead it would be replaced. Most are succulents that thrive in dry weather even though they may go through color changes they still survive. This helps offset the HOA dues as of now.  But feel free to pour some water on them if they seem a bit dry.

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Investment Planning

Everybody is at a different financial stage of their lives. Therefore, we are here to assist you at any step of your investment planning.

We understand great cultures don’t just happen, they’re cultivated. They take creativity, a willingness to be different. We actively recruit and hire energetic, positive and productive ‘we’ people to ensure we are prepared to understand our customers’ needs and provide a reliable, systematic experience.

Property Tax Valuation

Tax Rate 2.02%.

Parker County Appraisals

Bluebonnet Trusted



We're The Ladouceur Family

We look forward to you living in a gorgeous neighborhood that we custom built for your enjoyment. 

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